Ciao and welcome

Hey! How are you today, beautiful you?

Fiona here!

or F_ox (a joke nickname because of my message sign off!) in ‘creative me’ mode here in my art studio.

Lovely to see you! Thanks for stopping by!!

A little bit about me in case you’re interested…

In my 20+ years in leadership roles in education and marketing & communications (MCIM), I mentored, trained, led and coached thousands of professionals at all levels. It was an aspect of my work that I loved so much that I got trained up and qualified as an ICF ACC coach.  I worked for some years, alongside my official role, as an internal coach and coached as a side hustle as well. I love working with clients! Coaching is now a big focus of my energy and time. There’s more about my professional background, qualifications and some client testimonials on LinkedIn and I also have a coach profile on Instagram. Check out the sm links above.

I loved my job but after decades of globe-trotting for an international UK based charity, working in international development and cultural relations, I wanted a different kind of life – a life that let me focus fully on what I really loved and also a slower, more relaxed pace, more balanced, more in tune with nature. So, in 2020, I left my job, moved to Sardinia to join my Italian husband and started my coaching business.

My coaching practice is going but, I’m also making more time for me now – can’t give back from an empty cup, right?!

I’m busy with my other passions – painting, painting, painting

and gardening, writing/blogging, walking and eating well, starting new habits, exploring and experimenting. It’s a curious and creative journey!

If you’re curious, follow my art adventures on sm @F_ox; visit me and

Some of my art pieces, originals and prints, are now available for sale on

So, here I am… that’s me… on the go… even if it’s sometimes in circles.

much love – be good to you!

f ox

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