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Hey there! Please don’t be put off by the rather silly site name. It’s a play on an old nickname which came from my email sign off – just a little joke! Got to keep a sense of humour and perspective…

My story… I have had a long and very serious professional corporate career in senior leadership roles. Shortly after completing my MA in comparative literature and gender studies in Canada, I joined the British Council which is the UK’s cultural relations organisation – a registered charity, non-governmental public body and ranked in the top three of international English language teaching providers.

Over the years, two UK based assignments included a few years each as national Head of AccreditationUK (a quality assurance scheme for UK ELT providers in partnership with EnglishUK) and as global Head of Market Insight in Corporate HQ. Overseas assignments were on the programme side of the business in International Development, the focus of which, for my roles, was engaging collaboratively with Ministries of Education around the world on their state provision of English language in in all sectors and teacher education. Over more than two decades, I held several regional portfolio leadership roles primarily and most recently in MENA and sub-Saharan Africa with a portfolio of large, national scale projects and programmes across the region. It was very humbling and fulfilling work. My marketing qualifications (MCIM) and experience, earned over the years, proved invaluable. I’ve also led and managed large geographically dispersed teams of over 100 people at a time. Nurturing talent and mentoring more junior colleagues gave me such joy that in 2018 I invested in becoming a certified coach (ACC) and member of the International Coach Federation. I have a few hats! 

In 2020, after a couple of years working as an internal coach alongside my day job, I decided to strike out on my own and focus exclusively on coaching, build my own practice. (see links on right) Helping others to connect with their values, realise their unique talents, and creatively resolve their challenges, get unstuck, is something I’m passionate about! 

After a little stroke in 2021 – no doubt burnout catching up with me after over 20 years as a working mom in a highly demanding, stressful job with frequent international travel and in an increasingly toxic work culture – I started making art as a kind of therapy and my appreciation for the need to make time for creativity, to take time out to recharge, has grown. (see links on right) This too is something I feel resonates with many of my coaching clients and often a focus for exploration in our sessions on what this means for them.

You can’t pour from an empty cup, right? So, these days, I balance my time with a variety of things that give me joy and recharge my batteries. Alongside coaching and making art, I cook and garden and experiment with making various artisanal stuff. My husband and I have a little farm here in Sardinia, The Citrus Grove.  It’s a great source of joy and I’ve started a separate seasonal living lifestyle blog to share our farm life adventures (see links on the right)

Have a beautiful, blissful, creatively inspired day wherever you are in the world! 

Be good to you. Live well.

Fiona (aka F ox)


If you want to chat about art, life, and/or coaching, or just have a general question, comment, or feedback, please don’t hesitate in reaching out. I’m always curious about potential collaboration opportunities. Would love to hear from you!



Transformational coaching journeys! A creativity and life coach, I work with clients who are facing challenging changes or transitions to help them get ‘unstuck’, step into their power and move forward. A bit of support and challenge to help them on their journey. A variety of packages are available.


Blue Zone seasonal living lifestyle blog from the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sardinia where I live with my husband, the poet-farmer Ale, and my muse, our cheeky little kitty Violetta. People, places, things… seasonal traditions and farming, recipes and more…


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