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A mixed media artist, I work predominantly with acrylics but also oil pastels, watercolour, ink and other media on paper or canvas. Playing with colour, flowers, and light brings joy.

The gallery here showcases a small sample of recent work. Abstract and portraiture mainly. The female form interests me, particularly women’s relationship with emotion and nature. The painting in the middle row, far left, ‘Softly as a morning sunrise’ was jazz inspired and reflects the peace and tranquility of a woman quietly enjoying a sunrise in the garden.

I’m particularly intrigued with creating works combining words and pictures as in the central piece in this gallery on the right from my ‘Unter den Linden’ series. The portrait of the woman is painted using a bamboo stick over pages of Christa Wolf’s book ‘Unter den Linden’ and captures some of the emotional journey of her heroine and themes of reflection, memory, love, loss, identity.

I also create whimsical little designs using collage and botanicals. The portrait on the bottom row, on the far right, is an example of a recent collage portrait and on the bottom row, centre, an example of my ‘Floral Folk’ series using pressed petals.

You can also follow my art adventures on social media here:

Happy Spring! ‘Purple Haze’ from the new ‘Piccolo Giardino’ series by @f_ox

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