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No road is long with good company…

Turkish Proverb


Transformational coaching journeys…

A few years back, I was sitting in a senior leadership meeting and they asked us which of our 5 corporate values was the most important: professionalism, mutuality, integrity, valuing people, or creativity. I was the only one in a room of over 50 people who said creativity.  Creativity is a core value for me personally and the fact that it was part of the organisation’s stated core values is what drew me to and kept me there for 23 years. I believe you can’t have any of the others without it! Whether, like me, your core value is about creativity or something else, it’s so important for all of us to truly connect with our values, to know and understand who we are.

We are all, of course, responsible for our own happiness but we also all hold the key to that happiness! Belief in ourselves to make the right decisions, courage to trust in our gut (the other brain!) to know what’s right for us, and understanding and alignment with who we are and our core values are critical aspects of successfully navigating through changes and transitions and arriving in our happy place – to live our most authentic, meaningful and fulfilling life.

Sometimes we get a little stuck or overwhelmed. It’s normal. Life can be challenging to say the least. Curveballs come into our personal and professional lives and throw us for a loop. And, change, even when we seek it out, can be daunting and perplexing. All of the associated stress and anxiety can have an impact on our ability to remain clear and focussed, to care for ourselves, be our favourite selves and live our best beautiful life. Sometimes we just need a little support and challenge with getting there. That’s what a coach is for… to partner with you on your journey.

I’m a transformational coach, certified (ACC) and member of the International Coach Federation, specialising in helping people thrive through ‘stuck’ periods, change and transitions; inspiring and challenging them to reflect creatively on how they see themselves and resolve issues. I love working with clients, helping them reconnect with what matters to them, step back into their power, move forward, thrive through their challenges.


Coaching package 1

Coaching light for those tough-ish nuts! For folks with some ongoing issue that’s niggling at the back of your head. This 1 month package is for a weekly ‘walk and talk’. 4 x 45 minute sessions which we do on your walk to or from home and work, or a lunchtime walk in your nearby park. Some light reflection task or a small actionable task will be agreed at the close of each call.

Coaching package 1 fee: £400 (excl. tax)

Coaching package 2

Really tough nuts! For those harder issues keeping you up at night. This package is for deeper dive sessions on a particular issue that requires dedicated, focussed time and possibly a work space for taking notes and working on activities . 4 x 1.5 hour or 6 x 1 hour sessions booked in advance over a 4 month period and best conducted in a private room. Some reflection and ‘homework’ tasks will be agreed at the close of each call.

Coaching package 2 fee: £750 (excl. tax)

Coach-mentoring package

The mother of nuts! For more extensive challenges which require significant unpacking and some mentoring. We’ll work through a personal theory of change, personal branding strategy and action plan. There will be ‘homework’ tasks. This package is a bit of a mixed bag of session types. Typically it will include the following over a 6 month period:

  • 2 hour intro session
  • 4 x 1 hour sessions
  • 5 x 45 minute ‘walk and talk’ sessions
  • 1.5 hour closing session

Coach-mentoring package fee: £1100 (excl. tax)

Optional add-on services:

  • CV and/or LinkedIn review (£150)
  • Website review – brand alignment (£150)
  • Job search strategy, application review and interview prep support (Bespoke quote TBC)

Please note,

  • To achieve results, a coaching journey requires full commitment and engagement. You are gifting yourself time to think. You’re worth it so don’t short-change yourself!
  • All packages include a free, initial 30 minute discovery call to see if we’re a good fit.
  • All packages and add-on services options are payable in advance. No refunds.
  • All coaching is done remotely via Zoom or Skype, booked in advance and with minimum 24 hour notice of cancellation and request to change the date and time.
  • As an ACC certified coach and member of the International Coach Federation, I adhere to the principles and standards of the ICF code of ethics.

NB In person, face-to-face, coaching packages with me here in Sardinia, Italy, are also possible if you’re interested in a weekend ‘coaching in nature’ retreat. They can be combined with any of the packages above. I’m a fan of ‘walk and talk’ coaching and nothing clears the head and revitalises one like deep conversations on long walks through nature with an empathetic companion. Pine forests and white sand beaches await us. Please get in touch to discuss.

No road is long with good company…

Turkish Proverb

Let’s go on a journey together.



I can’t thank you enough for our sessions. I was at an important juncture professionally (with a pile of personal baggage in the corner) and our sessions really helped me to think clearly and question rigorously.  I was struggling with self-esteem belief. I was being far too hard on myself. You helped me examine the causes of this and address them. The most impactful element of our coaching was considering my motivations and values. Both have become more important to me over recent years. You helped me understand how to flip round my usual approach of “this is what i will achieve and this is how” and develop a values centric approach “this is why I want to do this, this is what i will do and this will be the outcome”. I used this at my first Whitehall Director interview and although I didn’t get it, I was deemed appointable and now appear on the list for this. And the panel particularly noted my clear motivation and passion. 

Deputy Director – Cabinet Office – UK

Fiona’s coaching was positive, considered and – ultimately – invaluable as I navigated a transitional period in my career. The sessions allowed me to reframe some of my challenges as opportunities, and gave me concrete tips on approaching job interviews and applications. 

What could have otherwise been a particularly challenging period in my working life, with Fiona’s coaching, became a useful period of learning and reflection. I would recommend her coaching to anyone in need of that extra support to make confident next steps in their career.

 Digital Storyteller – Creative Industries – UK

Although she listens more than she speaks, the nuggets of wisdom and experience still shine through even if it is through the questions, she asks. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to just have that time to pause and reflect on my work and the way I am currently performing and consider ways to improve. I really enjoyed and benefited significantly from the experience.

Regional SSA Change Implementation Manager – Corporate/Operations – Zimbabwe

No road is long with good company…

Turkish Proverb

Let’s go on a journey together.

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