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Treats for the heart, mind, and soul

Fiona Pape, coach and consultant, with the wild lavender in Sardinia, Italy.

Creative journeys and coaching in nature retreat experiences
in Sardinia, Italy

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The most important relationship you will have in life is the one with yourself. It requires as much love, time, and commitment as any other relationship – perhaps more! So, yes, take yourself out on a date now and then. Take time for self-care. Seems self-love is a radical emotion but it shouldn’t be. Don’t fall into the mindset that it’s selfish. It’s not. It’s essential to well-being and living well. Treat yourself to a retreat that will help you to reconnect with yourself, rebalance and reenergise you, help you get your mojo, your creative spark, back!

From Autumn 2023, I will be offering retreats in Sardinia. I fell in love with Sardinia and moved here permanently in 2020 after 10 years of coming and going. It’s my querencia really – a place where I feel at home, safe and strong. I’d like to invite you to come join me, explore and benefit from the beauty and wonders of this ancient island in the hope that here you too will find healing and strength , inspiration and soul nourishment, as I did.

The retreats are carefully crafted and curated experiences combining many of my favourite things:

  • coaching in nature
  • walk and talk coaching
  • seasonal, slow living and lots of picnics
  • creative play and art-based adventures
  • Sardinia – land of giants and fairies, myths and legends, heroes, revolutionaries, and a few bandits… it’s Italy but uniquely Sardinian
    • the raw spectacular natural beauty of this ancient Mediterranean island
    • the Blue Zone principles and centuries old culinary delights
    • the abundantly rich creative culture, arts, and crafts
    • the mysterious and mystical prehistoric and Nuragic sacred spaces and ruins
    • a matriarchal society with a history of strong, independent , proud women

Hope to see you here one day for a retreat journey together!

Got any questions about the retreats or suggestions for new retreats in Sardinia that you’d like to see? Contact me!

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