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No road is long with good company

~ Turkish Proverb

Are you letting the beauty of what you love be what you do?

I know, when you’re in the midst of a crisis or just feeling stuck, happiness can seem elusive and beauty may seem irrelevant. Life can be challenging to say the least. Curveballs come into our personal and professional lives and throw us for a loop. And, change, even when we seek it out, can be daunting and overwhelming. All of the associated stress and anxiety has an impact on our ability to care for ourselves, be our favourite selves and live our best beautiful life.

But, and you know, we all hold the key to our own happiness. Belief in ourselves to make the right decisions, trust in our gut (the other brain) to know what’s right for us, and alignment with who we are and our core values are critical aspects of successfully navigating through changes and transitions and arriving in our happy place. Sometimes we just need a little support and challenge with getting there. That’s what a coach is for… to partner with you on your journey to letting the beauty of what you love be what you do.

I’m a transformational coach, certified (ACC) and member of the International Coach Federation, specialising in helping people thrive through ‘stuck’ periods, change and transitions; ultimately, inspiring and challenging them to reflect on how they see themselves. I partner with high performing, values-driven individuals to help them reconnect with what matters to them, move forward, thrive through their challenges, and step back into their power.

My clients have ranged from high profile civil servants to senior leaders and executives to technical experts and professional consultants to academics and researchers from a range of sectors and industries including cultural relations, international charities, international development, education and the creative industries. The challenges are wide-ranging.

A few examples of past clients and their challenges below. Are any of these you?

A senior leader/professional facing job/career transition

Challenge: Identifying the kind of role that would provide the kind of reward and recognition you’re looking for, the kind of role that is aligned with your values, your personal circumstances, plus job search support including applications and interview prep.

A professional new to a leadership role / leading a team

Challenge: Developing leadership skills appropriate to your new role, making the mindset shift from manager to leader, staff engagement and team-building techniques for better remote working and performance enhancement of the team overall, plus time and energy management for more effective results and better work-life balance.

An expert struggling with visibility, reward, recognition

Challenge: Developing effective communication strategies for better networking, presentations, digital presence to highlight your credibility as an authority and build trust with your professional network and potential clients.

Having worked in corporate leadership roles for several decades around the world in an education in international development context, I’ve mentored, trained, led and coached thousands of professionals, experts in their field, helping them to lean in, feel confident, brave enough to make changes, to shine. Sometimes it just helps to have someone by your side, championing you, cheering for you, challenging you to be true to yourself and your values.

Interested in working with me?

A variety of new coaching packages are available from September 2022.

Drop me a note via the contacts page, email me at ciao@foxonthego.com or message me on WhatsApp (below) and we’ll start with a free 30 minute discovery call to see if we’re a good fit. On the call, we’ll explore the focus of the coaching and what you hope to get out of it, our coaching partnership arrangement, pricing and package options. All coaching is done remotely via zoom or skype.

Also happy to discuss short 1-2-1 coaching retreats in Sardinia if this is of interest.

Hope you have a beautiful day wherever you are!

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Fiona Pape is an ICF ACC qualified coach focussed on transformational coaching – thriving through change and transitions, women’s empowerment, personal branding and creativity. She is also a marketing and communications specialist (MCIM), a consultant and trainer, a curious and creative spirit who plays with colour and mixed media, a blogger and entrepreneur.

Fiona lives in Sardinia, Italy with her husband Ale, the actor/farmer, and Violetta, the cat/muse.

More info on her professional background, qualifications and client testimonials can be found here:



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