Kaffee klatsch

I really love my morning coffee. Early in the morning when all is quiet and calm, out in the garden, alone with the sunrise, the cats and the birds, sipping slowly, breathing. Such a beautiful way to start the day. Grateful for these moments of serenity and peace. So good for healing my nervous system.

But is there really anything better than an afternoon coffee, cake, a chat and a laugh with a friend? Often the best kind of therapy. Many childhood summers spent in Germany with my Omi and great aunts and various other relatives inspired a lifelong love of afternoon walks followed by strawberry cake with cream and aromatic coffee, old stories and lots of laughter.

Family, walks and having a laugh with friends are actually in the top practices for Blue Zones, communities with high numbers of centenarians. Sardinia, where I live, is a Blue Zone; although more in the central south-west region where shepherds in their small communities wander the hills all day, snooze under the wild olive trees and eat local seasonal produce. I really need to walk more!

So, a dear friend really liked one of my recent paintings and wanted something for a wall he’s creating with art made by friends. This is a friend I worked with for a few years in Manchester. We discovered a shared love of art and cake (I mean, who doesn’t love cake!) and would sometimes get together for a little afternoon break. When I moved abroad, we met occasionally in London when we were both there for work trips. I have a wonderful memory of strolling down the south bank with him to the Tate Modern where we indulged in some yummy lemon tarts, with coffee of course, before enjoying the art. This came to mind as I reflected on what to paint for him and the ‘KaffeeKlatsch’ series was born. You can find the ‘KaffeeKlatsch’ series here. Hope you like them!

Wishing you a laughter-filled, stimulating day with loved ones!

F ox

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