Colour your world

Happiness is an inside job!

Little things do make a difference, including the colours that you surround yourself with in your home, wardrobe, work environment…

What colour makes you feel safe, strong, confident, calm, happy?

Some years ago I became aware that my ‘go to’ dress for difficult days, days where I had to present in public for example, was a deep red one. Made me feel energised and confident. And, on days that I knew were going to be emotionally difficult, like when I had a challenging performance management chat with a member of my team, I’d wear a pink shirt. Weird but it helped me to feel emotionally strong, softer and more gentle.

I did a little research on #colourtherapy, or #chromotherapy, and discovered that red (and to a lesser extent pink), on the psycho-spiritual level, relates to self awareness.

According to, ‘that is to say our awareness of ourselves as human beings and our place on earth. It is the area of survival and relates to our basic human instincts of fight or flight. Red gives us courage and strength. The colour relates to stability and security. Red is the lowest of the seven colours in the visible spectrum and is known as a “warm” colour. It is stimulating and energising therefore it is helpful for tiredness and lethargy. Red, in its most positive sense, is the colour for courage, strength and pioneering spirit.’

As many people do, I’ve worn and wear a lot of black in my professional life. I travelled frequently for work in previous roles and black was just easier, looked smart and clean. Made me feel put together and confident but I always packed softer pink and yellow florals for sleeping, to help me unwind and relax in the hotel. Yellow, it seems, ‘relates to self worth. How we feel about ourselves and how we feel others perceive us. This is the area of the personality, the ego and the intellect and of self confidence.’ It’s a colour I love but generally more for soft furnishings in my house than clothing.

I also had a work bag that was black but with a gorgeous floral lining which I’d catch glimpses of during the day on the floor next to my chair. Secret pleasures. Lifted my spirits every time!

It’s different for everyone of course! Colours speak to people in different ways. Maybe it’s as simple as a scarf, the casing for your phone, your screensaver, a dress, a pair of earrings, or a little posy of flowers in your bathroom to greet you in the morning.

Surround yourself with the colours that speak to your soul, make your heart sing, help you step into your power. Maybe different colours for professional, creative, private you, for different situations and moods. Don’t shrink yourself into the blah of bland or disappear into the grey wall. That said, grey is a colour too! A beautiful one. And apparently there are 50 shades. Whatever works for you! Whatever colours spark your joy. It’s the little things that matter.

Something to think about anyway, no?

Have a beautiful colour-filled day!

F ox

NB a few links below with more info on chromotherapy if you’re interested:

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